Smooth 11.35 Treadmill

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In our view, this treadmill does not only rank tops in terms of performance. It also ranks the best when it comes to entertainment. It is simply a fitness tool and entertainment hotspot all wrapped up into one beautiful machine. It comes along with a large 10-inch touch screen and Android web browser for watching your preferred TV shows or catching up on latest news in addition to browsing. All these are in addition to the mill’s built-in HD video workouts filmed in Hawaii. These are included to motivate and inspire you as you work out for good health.

In addition to built-in iFit technology, this treadmill comes with a powerful 4.5 CHP commercial pro motor that allows you to exercise for as long as you wish. The motor is designed to provide optimum safety as you workout. This machines also comes along with heart rate monitor complete with wireless chest strap that communicates your heart rate automatically, allowing you to monitor your heart rate as you workout.

The machine also gives you access to intermittent heart rate readings through heart rate sensors located on the machine’s handlebars. In addition to the commercial pro motor, this treadmill is also available with a 20” X 60” 2-ply commercial-grade belt and does a maximum of 12 mph.

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