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Compact Treadmill Reviews 2016

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Compact treadmills have over the years been the choice of those with limited workout space to train, those who prefer to move with their treadmills when they travel, those who workout at their offices/business premises and those who simply want to have light inexpensive treadmills. This is why these treadmills are to b found in apartments, and offices.

What We Like

If there is one thing that we like about Compact treadmills is their compact design. They turn out to be the best treadmills for anyone who does not have the luxury of having enough space that can accommodate bulky treadmills. Such people no doubt want to have a treadmill that they can fold and possibly keep in a closet and that is what a Compact treadmill is all about.

However, not each and every Compact treadmill is compact. There are models that have a depth well over 2 feet when folded. The other good thing about these treadmills is their portability. Most Compact treadmills turn out to very slim and can therefore be moved around very easily. These treadmills also turn out to be some of the most affordable, which makes it possible for those with limited financial resources to at least have training equipment.

What We Don’t Like

Compact treadmills come with very weak motors. These machines are mostly available with motors that provide for no more than 2.0 CHP. Although the small motors contribute to the machines’ lightness and portability, the machines can only be used for light training and at slow speed.

Unlike other brands of treadmills, Compact treadmills also feature small decks, meaning that tall and heavy trainers cannot use them. In any case, they only turn out to be walking treadmill machines.

Exercise equipment needs to be very stable in order to withstand heavy training impact and keep a trainee safe. This is something that Compact treadmills provide for. These machines feature small sized rollers, which goes to reduce their level of stability.


Compact treadmills no doubt provide for some benefits. In addition to saving on space, they are light and therefore highly portable. They are indeed small treadmills that one can travel with without any difficulty. They are also some of the most affordable treadmills in the market. However, these treadmills are only suitable for light and short people whose training need is that of walking. Even so, such people may not train effectively because of weak motors available on these treadmills. Anyone looking for a small treadmill may need to shop for a different brand that is more stable and has a powerful motor.

Our Top Picks

Our top picks in this category are LifeSpan TR 200 and Horizon T101 treadmills.

LifeSpan TR 200 treadmill features three speed and three incline programs (convenient, ‘just my size’ and contemporary) programs. This is a small, light yet steady treadmill that suits light people very well. It also features a blue LCD console that provides for multiple readouts including time, distance covered, hear rate, speed, incline level and steps among other useful information. According to many treadmill reviews, this is the best compact treadmill that one can find.

Horizon T101 is preferred by many users because of its ease of use, storage and its 30 built-in workout programs. This treadmill has indeed won several awards for both its reliability and modest quality. The treadmill is sold with lifetime warranty on both motor and frame, one-year warranty on parts and one-year warranty on service.

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